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PhD student in Compter science

I am working in the Morpheo team of the inria of the University Grenoble Alpes.
I'm studying data driven garment shape and motion representations.

Some projects I did during college

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Wrecking Brawl

An online multiplayer car brawl game.
The project's website

Wrecking Brawl logo
Wrecking Brawl car model

This is the last university project I have done with a team of 10 students. It was challenging as we only had 3 months to deliver the final version. I was responsible for the Twitter account and the Discord server. We used Unity for the developpment. I mostly worked on the ingame UI and adapted it for mobile. I also did every particle effect such as the explosion, the tire trails and the tailpipe.

Atari tempest

A remake of Tempest by Atari.
Written in C++ with SDL2 library. Ubuntu screen recorder is a bit fuzzy.

Tempest gameplay
Tempest gameplay
Tempest gameplay

WebGL shader

An OpenGL project for a custom water shader with a procedural terrain generator
You can run it on desktop OpenGL or check the code there : code

Water shader
Water shader
Water shader
Water shader

I made this personal project with the EasyWGL library. It uses low level rendering programming with GLSL shader and buffer binding. I recommend the sites and that really helped me.

Monte Carlo Path tracing

A photorealistic renderer written in C++ OpenGL.

Menger sponge

It was built with the Easycppogl library. This straightforward path tracing algorithm is used in ground truth rendering. It requires many computational time. Some state of the art methods achieve real time rendering:  ReSTIR GI

A 9-tile game

A little game made with unity: link to the game